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Bee Video course: http://www.beespace.illinois.edu/ebeespace/

Sources of organic and/or heirloom open-pollinated, non-GMO, non-hybrid seeds:

Bountiful Gardens – In Willits, California – a project of Ecology Action – heirloom and open pollinated seeds
Abundant Life Seeds – In Saginaw, Oregon – organic seeds and seedlings
Peacful Valley Farm and Garden supply – In Grass Valley, California – organic seeds, seedlings and other supplies
Seed Savers Exchange – In Decorah, Iowa – a membership-based organization specializing in heirloom and/or rare and/or open-pollinated seeds
Turtle Tree Seed – In Copake, New York – organic and/or biodynamic seed
Johnny’s Selected Seeds – In Albion and Winslow, Maine – organic, heirloom and conventional seeds
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange – In Mineral, Virginia – heirloom open-pollinated and/or organic seeds

Josanna’s Garden Tropical Nursery and heirloom vegetables – $1 (Kapoho, Puna, Pahoa)

Papaya Farm Road

We have a wide variety of tropical and exotic trees, flowers, scented flowers,  and for spring, vegetable and herb plants.  Think quality Basil, heirloom tomatoes and chilies, eggplants, greens and so much more. Our fruit stand is open daily so grab some fresh ripe fruit while you get the healthiest and most creative plants available here!  Chefs, come visit. call. what else can we grow for you.  CALLING ALL FOODIES!!!! Josanna’s Garden is located on Papaya Farm Road in the Kapoho-WaaWaa area.   we are happy to assist you!  10-6 daily.        Janelle  808-640-2157
SCOTT’S Nursery!
NURSERY: Our mission is to make useful plants available at wholesale prices to aspiring Permaculturists all over this island. We want to make it affordable and convenient for people to get the plants and information they need to create a sustainable food forest on their land. These multipurpose plants are valuable assets as nutritious, delicious, hardy, medicinal, timber, or fiber.The nursery is open by APPOINTMENT ONLY and there is a minimum purchase of $25. We do not deliver or ship plants. Please note: This pricelist is subject to change.FARM TOURS: We offer instructional, guided tours of our farm to individuals or groups. The subject matter varies from agroforestry to permaculture to off-grid systems depending on the interests of the participants. We ask for a contribution of $6 per person, with a minimum of $30 for the tour.CONSULTING SERVICES: If you are in the market to purchase land or in the process of developing your land, we can provide guidance, experience, and creative solutions to help your project go more smoothly and fulfill your vision. Consulting fee is $25 per hour. There is a transportation fee for house calls.(808 965-1705) Scott@EveningRainFarm.com or EveningRainFarm.com                             nov5th2010 SEEDLING TREES AND VINES: Key Lime  produces almost all year    1 gal $8 Rollinia  fast producing, sweet custard taste, delicious    1 gal $8 Soursop  fast producing, tart and juicy, delicious    1 gal $8 Mountain Apple  floral apple flavor    1 gal $8 Star Apple fast producing, specimen tree, plum flavor     1 gal $8 Breadfruit (Ulu)  traditional Hawaiian starch    $20 and up Breadnut  seeded variety of breadfruit, nutritious    1 gal $8 Brazil Cherry slow producing, bing cherry flavor    1 gal $12 Surinam Cherry  fast producing, sweet and sour taste    1 gal $8 Akee  fast producing, savory fruit high in oil    1 gal $10 Malabar Chestnut  starchy seeds high in oil & protein    1 gal $6 Malabar chestnut     special! 10 gallon for $15 Ice Cream Bean  curious tree, nitrogen fixing, edible    1 gal $8 Strawberries  not quite as tasty as mainland berries    1 gal $4 Mulberry  popular mainland fruit    1 gal $6 Cacao  the source of chocolate, shade loving    1 gal $6 Bilimbi  for pickles and chutney, related to starfruit    1 gal $8 Curry Leaf Tree  Indian culinary spice, edible berries    1 gal $8 Garcinia edulis  slow growing, Mangosteen related    1 gal $8 Lilikoi “passionfruit” yellow and orange varieties    4″ pot $3 Rainbow Eucalyptus  valuable timber, watch it grow    1 gal $4 Rangpur lime tasty, long season, good rootstock    1 gal  $8 Abiu  abundant tasty yellow fruits    1 gal $8 Marang large tree, delicious    1 gal $8 Pedali very large tree, delicious    1 gal $8 Papaya selected varieties for best flavor    4” pot $2 Durian sought-after fruit, slow growing    1 gal $15 Wi Apple  “Yellow Mombin” giant tree, jams    1 gal $8 Dwarf Wi Apple extremely dwarfed variety    1 gal $15 Jocote “hog plum” mango flavor,    cuttings $3, rooted cuttings $10 Vanilla vine  (cuttings)    $5 per foot(2 gallon plants, add $2)  (5 gallon plants, double price listed)EDIBLE TROPICAL PERENNIALS: White Pineapple, Taro, Katuk, Chaya, Edible Hibiscus, Sissoo Spinach, Okinawa Spinach, Sweet Potato, Cassava, Lemon Grass, Hawai’ian Hot Pepper bush, Galangal (Tai Ginger), Pepperoni Vine, various garden annuals. Available as cuttings    $2 or potted plants    $4CUTTINGS AND RHIZOME DIVISIONS: Red Ti, Green Ti, Heliconia, Coleus, Torch Ginger and other decorative Gingers, New Zealand Flax, Apa, etc. $2 to $3 PERENNIAL PEANUT GROUNDCOVER: Perennial Peanut is a no-mow, nitrogen fixing groundcover for lawns and orchards. One pound of cuttings makes 50-70 plants, which covers around 100 square feet. Available as cuttings                 $5 per pound.PLANTING MATERIAL FROM MATURE BAMBOO PLANTS: We have over 400 bamboo plants (about 20 varieties) in the ground, and many of them are available to dig up and divide, at reasonable prices. We also sell bamboo cuttings so that you may propagate your own plants.BAMBOO TIMBER: We have several varieties of bamboo timber ranging from a quarter inch up to 6 inches in diameter, of any length. Tell us what you want. We cut fresh as you wait. Our bamboo is not treated or processed. Most types are $1/footBANANA PLANTS: All banana plants are $10 each, except Namwah, and Cuban red, which are $20 apiece and in limited supply. You select the plants you want, and we dig them up. These are bare root cuttings and should be planted within the week. We do not deliver.Silk Fig: our favorite, very good producer, medium size plant, fruits about 7- 8′ high, delicious, slightly tart fruit. Brazilian Apple: most popular Hawai’ian variety, semi dwarf, fruits about 6-8′ high, very good producer, stout, hardy plant, very large flower Hawai’ian Apple: same as above, tall plant, fruits over 10′ high Sucrier: sweetest fruit, slow producer,  fruits about 7- 8′ high, small fruits, maroon colored stalk. Plantain: very large starchy banana, slow producer, the best for cooking, fruits 8-10’ Ice Cream: very interesting soft sweet fruit, good producer, medium size plant, they tend to root shallow and fall over and need to be propped up Burro:  a cooking banana, but quite tasty raw too, soft and tart, medium size plant, good producer, hardy, fruits 5-7’ high Dwarf Burro: same fruit as above, good producer, dwarf variety, fruits about 4′ high, hardy plant Cuban Red: large plant, red bananas, slow grower, slow producer, very attractive plant, fruits 8-10′ high Cuban Yellow: same as Cuban red but with yellow skin Dwarf Williams: heavy producer, produces at least double the amount of most other types, medium size plant, fruits about 6-8′ high, Chinese Dwarf Williams: same fruit type as above, fruits about 3-5′ high, slow producer Hawai’ian Jungle: (we rescued one plant years ago from a dense lowland forest) very large plant, fruits over 10’ high, slightly smaller than Williams fruit, good producer Philippino Cooking Banana:  enormous plant! fruits 12-15′ high, fruit tasty raw Andy’s Lady Finger: large size, purplish plant, heavy producer, tastes similar to apple Vundi: Fijian cooking banana, medium size, large sausage shaped fruit Dwarf Namwah:  delicious, heavy producer, fruits 6-8’high Seedling Banana: large plant, slow grower, bad tasting fruit with abundant seeds, useful somehow for propagating new varieties?

CLASSES: We offer workshops in small animal butchering and slaughtering, bamboo propagation, subsistence farm design, and other self reliance skills.


Australia Knows their stuff:



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