In my opinion why would someone buy a biopod for 200bucks when they can spend 10 and get the same results!

In my opinion why would someone buy a biopod for 200bucks when they can spend 10 and get the same results and BETTER!


A charlatan (also called swindler or mountebank) is a person practicing
quackery or some similar confidence trick in order to obtain money, fame or
other advantages

I spent a few weeks as big islands dealer for the Biopod after the two Biopod company men sang high praises and suckered me into buying into their charade from their recent visit to hawaii actually I got conned bigtime into spending big bucks for a box of plastic that could have been made in china for 2 dollars Max.  But seeing how friendly i am to strangers allows me to be conned this way. However i write this so you won’t be Conned into buying this worth far less than it is box and instead jump over to youtube and see the guy growing millions of BSF in a few dollar wooden box he even builds a net house for the full lifecycle of the fly and captures a zillion more grubs and is happy feeding the muliple grubs to his chickens and fish everyday while my biopod rank a foul odor but to be fair i was totally new at trying to get it started and i didn’t get much help from the company as they basically flew in sold me the unit and threw an instruction page at me how to assemble than i was on my own. It still stinks up the yard and i need to take it down to the dump soon and dump the whole thing. So don’t be fooled by these charlatans. Build your own black soldier fly catcher and use youtube to do it too.

So what happenned to bring the facts home as a dealer that makes me feel this way so quickly , i won’t bore you with all the details but real brief this is how it went down.

I had an order from australia the company took away from me, 1st strike!
I had a commercial sale in Kona for a commercial unit, the company wanted the name of buyer and kick me to the side, Second strike.
And lastly I had another dealer from florida started threatening me and the company wouldn’t
take care of it, Strike number 3.  So after thinking about it all I decided last day or two
to quit this! I come to the realization and the dictionary meaning of Charlatans!
I still have one unit for myself and  I will get it going as intended as an attractant for
my aquaponics system but I will expand it abit like the guy on video 22 on my site for BSF
videos he makes a 4ft by 4 ft enclosed tent like to house the mating flys and thereby increasing the fly grub population enormously!  That is what i will do for my own chickens and fish so yes the biopod is going to be an attractor to drop grubs into an enclosure that will multiply from there. So it would be foolish of me to buy the commercial version and if one really wanted to he could find a friend with the grubs and just stick it in the tent enclosure and save the 200 bucks and that is the end of my misfortunes with Biopod.

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