Solving one of the frustrating peculiar habits of chickens and their Watering habits.

Solving one of the frustrating peculiar habits of chickens and their Watering habits.

I had no Idea that this picture held the answer that had frustrated me with my Birds!
I always thought my Chickens were damn stupid but even more frustration was for me to solve the problem
which I never did! What is it that bothered me so. I built a gutter system that captured nice clean rain water
and delivered right to the chicken bowl for my fowl to drink but those stupid birds would turn their backs and sit on the bowl and shit in their water bowl and since I happen to like eating chicken eggs the thought of them drinking dirty water
bothered me to no end. no I never did solve the problem but I just washed out the bowl often and everyday
and the birds won the battle.  So this is why the next article is so Interesting to me. They Solved it!!
The Answer…
First start out your chicks like this picture below suckling from a bottle …
Then never ever Stop! As adults they go right on suckling! Ha never would of thought of that!
PVC pipe chicken waterer

Economical Our homemade chicken waterer kits are as cheap as 30 cents per bird.   create just the right waterer for your flock.   PVC pipe waterers, bucket waterers, and many other options

Chicken waterer

newly hatched chicks learn to drink in minutes. So why not the big birds!

Chicken NipplesChicken nipples are valves that dispense a drop of water whenever they are pecked. Industrial chicken-keepers have been using them for years, attached to long hoses that snake through their chickens’ cages. The nipples keep the water clean and tasty.The Avian Aqua Miser nipple is unique because it works with gravity — no need to stretch a hose to your coop or tractor. Unlike cheaper products, our nipples never drip until they are pecked, so you don’t have to worry about damp, smelly litter.We use high quality, German-manufactured nipples with stainless-steel interiors so your chicken nipples will last a lifetime and keep your birds healthy. A one year, no-questions-asked return policy backs up the quality product.Our chicken nipples are available as part of easy-to-assemble DIY chicken waterer kits or in our ready made chicken waterers so that even the most budget conscious customers can take advantage of our innovations. We highly recommend that you don’t waste the time and money repeating our mistakes! Buy a quality product and stop worrying about your flock.

Avian Aqua Miser: Automatic chicken waterer    The End.



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