How to Make Organic Fish Emulsion Fertilizer to add to your BioChar!

How to Make Organic Fish Emulsion Fertilizer to add to your BioChar!

1. Liquefy the fish and or seaweed by placing it in a blender with warm water  and blending thoroughly until you’ve created an emulsion.


2. Pour the fish emulsion into a 5 gallon bucket.  Be sure to use a bucket that  has a lid which can be sealed tightly.

3. Add shredded newspapers,  dried leaves, sawdust or brown grass clippings to the bucket to feed your fish  emulsion fertilizer as it decays.

4. Pour molasses into the bucket to control odor and contribute healthy  microorganisms to your organic fish emulsion fertilizer.

Fish Heads Can Be Used As Fertilizer 

5. Open the bucket each day and stir the fish fertilizer.  Opening the bucket  also helps “burp” the fish emulsion as it’s decaying.

6.Wait 2 weeks until the entire mixture has turned dark brown before using.  If  you want to get rid of the fishy odor, you can add brown sugar, molasses or  pureed fruit to the mixture and ferment a few days  longer.


Tips & Warnings

  • Dilute the fish fertilizer and use a hose end sprayer to distribute it to  your garden.
  • Just because it’s made from food doesn’t mean you can eat it.  Fish emulsion  fertilizer is not to be consumed by humans.

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