Evening rain farm meals from the land!!

Evening rain farm meals from the land

some we have regularly, most we have tried when we had the ingredients and some are ideas (modifying other recipes i have used from the continent with tropical ingredients).

  • green drink (katook, honey, ginger, lemongrass, mint, perennial cilantro, ice, water, lemon or lime w/ a quarter of the skin) blended
  • malabar chestnut steamed and eaten out of the shell with a petit spoon
  • steamed plantain with grated ginger (leave the skins on the plantains while you steam, remove skins and add fresh grated ginger)
  • ripe (soft) bread fruit, steamed then mashed with Niu (coconut) milk/cream, sprinkled with toasted Niu (coconut) and topped with liliko’i
  • steamed Kalo (taro) with Niu (coconut) oil (or…shhh… butter)
  • nourishing breakfast smoothie (goat’s milk yogurt, 2 raw eggs, Niu (coconut) – hard meat, banana, honey, spices (cardamom, ginger, black pepper, vanilla, nutmeg), mac nuts, seasonal fruit (pineapple, mango, jak fruit…) (sometimes cacao) blended with ice
  • refreshing smoothie: ice, water, available fruit (banana, jak fruit, lime), honey blended
  • egg omelet with plantain and cheese (ideally goat’s cheese)
  • pudding snack: ground cacao, mashed banana, black pepper,  ground mac nuts
  • kombucha “tea (black or green tea, crushed sugar cane and kombucha culture)” with lime and honey
  • jak fruit seeds ground and added to anything (like pork or any starch)
  • steamed moringa or steamed steamed edible hibiscus with pineapple or mango vinegar
  • sauted veggies (eggplant and or wing, long, string beans), ocean water, with scrambled eggs added in the end
  • steamed lima beans with ocean water
  • pigeon pea dahl (onion, tumeric, ginger, chives, ocean water, hot pepper, cumin, corriander, Niu (coconut) milk/cream, toasted mustard seeds)
  • half TBS roasted coffee, half TBS cacao — both ground very fine, honey, crushed contents of 2 cardamom pods- all boiled together until it froths 3 times (makes one cup turkish coffee)
  • bedtime drink: heated goat’s milk with honey, ground nutmeg and Niu (coconut) cream
  • ground pig, sage, chives, hot pepper, plantain or banana, sea water
  • Niu (coconut) water from green or brown nuts, also sprouted Niu (coconut) right out of the shell
  • sauce for plain stuff like steamed breadfruit or Kalo (taro) or greens: toasted mac nuts ground with chives, hot pepper, liquid (pineapple skin tea, or vinegar, or lime juice, or lemon grass tea, or Niu (coconut) milk…), ocean water, spices- ginger, herbs like perennial cilantro, black pepper, toasted mustard seed (tastes like a tahini dressing)
  • pork roast browned then cooked for hours with just ocean water, black pepper and goats milk
  • breadfruit pancakes: steamed breadfruit (unripe) grated and added to anything in the fridge or from the land (spices, veggies, herbs, greens), made into paddies and cooked in Niu (coconut) oil
  • avocado eaten out of the skin with ocean water, vinegar or lime/lemon and hot and or black pepper
  • pudding: avocado, cacao, honey.
  • toasted and ground mac nuts with honey, ground cacao mixed together and rolled into balls, rolled in toasted Niu (coconut). refrigerate
  • green papaya salad: garlic chives, hot pepers, shredded green papaya, long beans, lime juice, honey, mac nuts chopped, , ocean water, tamarind- all chopped with mortar and pestle until juicy
  • heart of palm salad: palm heart from peach palm (clumping palm), garlic chives, pineapple vinegar, ocean water, black pepper, ginger, Niu (coconut) shredded
  • papaya with lime juice
  • curried chayote (or hawaiian pumpkin or eggplant or okra): Niu (coconut) milk/cream, hot peppers (lots of kinds mixed), garlic chives, ginger or galanga, cumin, black pepper, ocean water, cilantro.
  • kim chee: asian cabbage and perennial greens, hot peppers, ocean water (fermented)
  • pesto: cilantro, Niu (coconut) oil, mac nuts, ocean salt, lemon/lime juice, pepper corns, garlic chives (if only we could grow garlic here!)
  • guacamole- avocado, hot pepper, lime juice, tomatillo, chives, cilantro, black pepper, ocean water
  • pineapple salsa- pineapple, chives, cilantro, lemon juice, hot peppers, (garlic)
  • dried bean stew- dried beans,
  • sweet potato salad
  • banana ice cream- frozen bananas (or pineapples or jak fruit…) run through champion juicer w/Niu (coconut) cream
  • chocolate sauce- cacao, Niu (coconut) cream, vanilla blended (add mac nuts)
  • curried egg salad (we used to eat a lot of this)

future (or haven’t yet tried these recipes):

  • lau lau (Kalo (taro) leaves and miscl stuffings (pumpkin, spices, maybe a protein like fish or pork) steamed)
  • beet ginger kraut- grated beets, ginger grated, chives- fermented
  • cold soup- chopped mint, papaya chunks, lime juice, w/pineapples blended as sauce
  • tilapia fish cooked with lime (once our pond starts producing tilapia big enough)
  • lime juice avocado banana ginger pineapple tea water blended dressing over fruit
  • mac nut ground, lemon juice, ocean water, ginger, hot pepper. honey – blended dressing
  • papaya, lime juice, toasted mustard seeds, black pepper, ocean water, blended dressing
  • dehydrated fruits (my kingdom for a solar dehydrator that can handle this humidity!)

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