What Quails Eat       

By Julie Ackendorf, eHow  Contributor
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The bobwhite quail is  abundant in the U.S.

There are six  species of quail in existence throughout the world, with the Northern bobwhite  quail being predominant in the United States. Although the diets of different  species of quail may vary according to what region the birds are living in, all  quails are able to eat the same types of food. The main reason one quail may eat differently than  another in a separate part of the world lacks available food.

  1. Insects and Worms

    • A quail is an omnivorous bird, meaning it chooses to eat other living things  in addition to foods that grow from the earth. In the case of the quail insects  such as crickets and grasshoppers are chosen as meals. Quails also like to  include worms into their diet when available. Worms and insects are the primary  foods eaten to help build up body mass and strength when quails are very young.  As the bird ages, it relies less on these food sources; insects and worms make  up only 5 percent of an adult quail’s diet.

    Seeds and Grains

    • Seeds and grains make up most of an adult quail’s diet, as well as a portion  of a baby quail’s diet. Hearty seeds and grains such as wheat and barley tend to be best for the bird, though  the quail will eat whatever is available. Seeds and grains containing higher  calorie counts help the bird gain weight, which is necessary for survival. The  more fat a bird has on the body the better chances it has of surviving through a  long, cold winter.



    • When available a quail likes to eat small fruits such as berries.  These fruits tend to be easier for the bird to find in warmer months or warmer  areas, and are scarce after snow falls.


    • It is estimated that 95 percent of an adult quail’s diet is made up of seeds,  grains, fruits and vegetation. The last category consists of flowers  and green vegetation. Forbs are the form of vegetation quails prefer  most.

      How to Feed Quails and Pheasants   

      By Philippa Jones,  eHow Contributor
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      A quail is like a small  chicken.

      Quails and  pheasants are game birds, popular for shooting as a sport but also for keeping.  The meat is quite edible and can be prepared in the home. Quails also produce  eggs for human consumption. You may decide to feed roaming quails and pheasants  so they make good meals at the dinner table. Like all animals, providing them a balanced  diet is the best way to feed the game birds.



    • 1

      Clean out a trough and provide a constant source of fresh water for the  quails and pheasants. It is important they remain hydrated so they grow  properly. Change the water at least every other day so it is  clean.

    • 2

      Position a second trough outside. Make sure it is easily accessible to the  birds and shallow.

    • 3

      Put game bird feed in the trough. Measure the amount recommended in the  instructions from the manufacturer. Game birds require high levels of crude  protein and vitamins, so the feed ensures that the birds receive all their nutritional  requirements.

    • 4

      Feed the birds twice a day, and leave grain and leftover scrap vegetables in  the trough between feeding times. This gives the birds something to peck on, and  it recycles your leftover vegetable  peelings.

    • 5

      Wash the trough every day after the second feeding is over. Minimize the  build up of bacteria,  debris, excrement, and mud to preserve the health of the game  birds.


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