Bamboo which shoots can be eaten

A Complete List of all the known Edible Bamboo Shoots and Species:

Species Name


Acidosasa edulis Delicious
Acidosasa Iingchuanensis Edible
Bambusa balcooa Good
Bambusa bambos Edible
Bambusa beecheyana Good
Bambusa  blumeana Good
Bambusa gibboides Good
Bambusa  polymorpha Good
Bambusa tulda Good
Bambusa tuldoides Good
Bambusa  vulgaris Edible
Chimonobambusa communis Good
Chimonobambusa macrophylla Delicious
Chimonobambusa marmorea Delicious
Chimonobambusa pachystachys Delicious
Chimonobambusa puberula Delicious
Chimonobambusa quadrangularis Delicious
Chimonobambusa rigidula Delicious
Chimonobambusa szechuanensis Delicious
Chimonobambusa tumidissinoda Delicious
Chimonobambusa utilis Good
Chimonocalamus delicatus Delicious
Dendrocalamus  asper Good
Dendrocalamus brandisii Good
Dendrocalamus  giganteus Good
Dendrocalamus latiflorus Good
Dendrocalamus latiflorus ‘Mei-Nung’ Good
Dendrocalamus membranaceus Edible
Dendrocalamus strictus Edible
Fargesia robusta Edible
Gigantochloa  atter Good
Gigantochloa levis Delicious
Gigantochloa ligulata Good
Gigantochloa nigrociliata Good
Gigantochloa pruriens Good
Gigantochloa robusta Good
Gigantochloa thoii Good
Guadua sarcocarpa Good
Himalayacalamus falconeri Good
Nastus elatus Edible
Oxytenanthera abyssinica Edible
Phyilostachys concava Edible
Phyilostachys incarnata Delicious
Phyilostachys sulphurea f. viridis Good
Phyllostachys acuta Delicious
Phyllostachys angusta Edible
Phyllostachys arcana Edible
Phyllostachys arcana Edible
Phyllostachys atrovaginata Edible
Phyllostachys atrovaginata Edible
Phyllostachys bambusoides Bitter
Phyllostachys bambusoides f. shouzhu Edible
Phyllostachys bissetii Edible
Phyllostachys circumpilis Edible
Phyllostachys decora Edible
Phyllostachys dulcis Delicious
Phyllostachys edulis Good
Phyllostachys edulis f. edulis Delicious
Phyllostachys elegans Delicious
Phyllostachys erecta Edible
Phyllostachys fimbriata Edible
Phyllostachys fimbriligula Delicious
Phyllostachys flexuosa Delicious
Phyllostachys glabrata Delicious
Phyllostachys glauca Good
Phyllostachys glauca f. yunzhu Edible
Phyllostachys glauca var. variabilis Edible
Phyllostachys heteroclada Edible
Phyllostachys iridescens Delicious
Phyllostachys makinoi Edible
Phyllostachys meyeri Edible
Phyllostachys mirabilis Edible
Phyllostachys nidularia Delicious
Phyllostachys nidularia f. farcta Edible
Phyllostachys nidularia f. mirabilis Edible
Phyllostachys nidularia f. speciosa Edible
Phyllostachys nidularia f. sulfurea Edible
Phyllostachys nigella Delicious
Phyllostachys nigra f. henonis Delicious
Phyllostachys nuda Delicious
Phyllostachys nuda ‘Ink-finger’ Delicious
Phyllostachys parvffolia Delicious
Phyllostachys pingyangensis Edible
Phyllostachys platyglossa Delicious
Phyllostachys praecox Delicious
Phyllostachys praecox f. notata Edible
Phyllostachys praecox f. viridisulcata Delicious
Phyllostachys prominens Good
Phyllostachys propinqua Good
Phyllostachys propinqua f. lanuginosa Delicious
Phyllostachys purpurata ‘Solidstem’ Edible
Phyllostachys rivalis Delicious
Phyllostachys robustiramea Edible
Phyllostachys rubella Edible
Phyllostachys rubromarginata Edible
Phyllostachys rutila Edible
Phyllostachys sapida Edible
Phyllostachys sulphurea f. laqueata Good
Phyllostachys tianmuensis Edible
Phyllostachys viridiglaucescens Edible
Phyllostachys vivax Delicious
Phyllostachys vivax ‘Huangwenzhu’ Edible
Phyllostachys vivax f. aureocaulis Edible
Phyllostachys yunhoensis Delicious
Pleioblastus hindsii Edible
Sasa kurilensis Good
Sasaella masamuneana Edible
Thamnocalamus aristatus Edible
Thyrsostachys siamensis Good
Yushania maling Good

which are forsale on the big Island

BAMBOO PLANTS: non-invasive, specialty  (big island)

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889 – 0326

ALL PLANTS PRICED TO SELL We were a large wholesale specialty bamboo nursery (closing down),

50% – 75% below our own wholesale pricing for bamboo in pots. Field stock priced 70% – 90% below our own wholesale pricing. 
Our bamboo plants are fully grown into the pots, meaning they are comparable to at least the next larger pot size and most can be divided. We are located in a fire ant & coqui free area.
ALL OUR BAMBOO PLANTS ARE WIND AND SUN HARDENED!  This is extremely important when planting bamboo out, unless of course you’re going to plant your bamboo in a greenhouse or shade house.

We sell on the Big Island only.   Bamboos provide song birds a habitat safe from mongooses & cats!

Bambusa black lako: “Timor Black”: – 4 gal. pots:  $39.00 – 7 gal. pots:  $59.00 – 79.00 – 10 gal. pots:  $79.00 – 99.00 – 15 gal. pots:  $99.00 — 129.00 – 24 gal. pots:  $129.00 – 149.00 – 40 gal. pots:  $169.00 – 189.00  you can get 4 large divisions from these pots 100 gal. wrapped:  $189.00 -$219.00 You can get 4 to 6 very large divisions with approx. 6′ — 7′ in tact root   mass. We also have 1 large clump in the ground which can be divided into 6 – 10 divisions (plants) – $275.00

**** Black Lako has the most beautiful, usable, decorative timber wood. The canes can retain their koa black color indefinitely after harvesting!

Gigantochloa black atrovalacia: – 15 pots:  $119.00 – 129.00 -24 gal. pots: $149.00 – 179.00 -100 gal. wrapped:  $199.00 – $250.00

Schizostachyum brachycladum: Sacred Bali Bamoboo: Canary yellow canes with intermittent green stripes. – 4 gal. pots:  $49.00 -7 gal. pots:  $79.00 -15 gal. pots:  $129.00 – 139.00

Bambusa wamin: 15 gal. pots:  $89.00 – 119.00 24 gal. pots:  $119.00 – 139.00 50 gal. pots:  $149.00 – 189.00 field stock:  $69.00
Nastus Elatus: – 15 gal. pot: (only 1 left) at $89.00
Gigantochloa Atter: – 15 gal. pots:  $49.00 – $59.00
Gigantochloa Apus: – 15 gal.: $49.00 (only 1 left)
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  Bamboo Species… Photos & Descriptions
Bamboo~~element399Dendrocalamus asper, Black, “Betung Hitam”      edible shoots

Most saught after bamboo in all the world… treasured for the extra large black hardwood. This is a massive species, of rare quality, and ornamental appeal.  The colors on the culms are more chocolate colored than “black”, however, they cure to a rich brownish black color, and show occasional gorgeous striping with green when living, and natural brown when dried. Large green leaves, and edible shoots.
Max. Height  100 ft.  Max. Diameter  8″

Big_Island_Bamboo_blackGigantocholoa Atroviolacea, “Tropical Black”
Superior black hardwood, and known to be bug-resistant.  One of the most beautiful bamboos of all. The color
is a dark black with a matte finish. It has an occasional faint green striping on the culm, and dark green leaves. 
It is originally from Java & Sumatra.
Max. Height  50 ft.  Max. Diameter  4″
Big_Island_Bamboo_012Bambusa Lako, “Black Lako, Timor Black”
Attractive chocolate-black hardwood, almost purplish, with a glossy finish. It has an occasional faint green striping on the culms, and dark green leaves. The white band around the node is very slim.
It is originally from Timor.
Max. Height 50 ft.  Max. Diameter 3″
Big_Island_Bamboo_055Parker Green Giant, “Parker Giant”        Raw edible shoots
Local unidentified species of the Big Island of Hawaii. This giant bamboo is a valuable, thick-walled hardwood. New shoots have stunning orange colors. Raw edible shoots.
Max. Height  80 ft.  Max. Diameter 12″
bamboo_1365Schizostachyum Brachycladum, “Sacred Golden Bamboo of Bali”
Bright, radiant golden culms on a gorgeous ornamental bamboo. Occasional green striping on the culm. Clean, uniform golden clump, with green and variegated foliage more up top, and drooping tips. Grows in a tight clump, and has colorful new shoots.
Max. Height  45 ft.  Max. Diameter  4″

bamboo_blue_chungiiBambusa Chungii, “Blue Bamboo”
This is a uniquely beautiful bamboo, with a frosted appearance of blueish-white powder on the culms. It is thin walled, and used in papermaking and weaving.
Mature plants grow to:
Max. Height 30 ft. / Max. Diameter 2″.
Big_Island_Bamboo_015Nastus Elatus      sweet edible raw shoots
One of the most impressive of all bamboos. It has an elegant appearance with frosted, swaying culms, and
narrow whispy foliage. It has sweet edible raw shoots. It is thin-walled, suitable for weaving, paper pulp,
and small crafts.
Max. Height  60 ft.  Max. Diameter 4″
bamboo amoenusDendrocalamus minor,  “Amoenus”
A very attractive bamboo, with dark green stripes on light green, almost pale yellow culms, and a frosted powdery look on the culm surface. Also known as ‘ghost bamboo’. It has beautiful large leaves.
Max. Height  35 ft.  Max. Diameter 3″

bamboo_khasianumDrepanostachyum  khasianum, ” Khasia bamboo”
A beautiful, shorter growing ornamental bamboo, with a blue appearance. It has purple rings around the nodes, and white powder on the culms. The leaves are narrow and whispy. Makes a great potted bamboo, patio bamboo, or for indoor growing. This bamboo grows well in shade.  Slender culms, finishing with a
graceful arch.
Max. Height  12 ft.  Max. Diameter  .5″
bamboo_luteostriata_leavesBambusa  luteostriata, ” Luteostriata”
Young leaves are variegated bright white and green, with center striping down a long, slender leaf pattern,  adding to its elegence.  Clump is erect, with full foliage above. Intermittent white stripes on green culms. 
Max. Height  30 ft.  Max. Diameter  2″
bamboo_mexican_weepingOtatea acuminata ssp. aztecorum, “Mexican Weeping Bamboo”
A unique, open-clumping bamboo, with culms spaced up to 1-2 ft. apart.  It is  originally from Southern Mexico, and has a very graceful appearance, with  small weeping leaves.
Max. Height  12-20 ft.  Max. Diameter  1″
bamboo_wamin1Bambusa vulgaris, “Wamin”
A dwarf form of ‘Buddha Belly Bamboo’ with a cleaner, ornamental look of short and swollen green internodes.
Max. Height  35 ft.   Max. Diameter  4″

bamboo_w025Bambusa vulgaris, “Wamin Striata
Similar to the green wamin, this bamboo has golden-light green culms, with dark green striping. It also is thick with many side branches. Grows somewhat shorter than the green wamin. A beautiful ornamental bamboo.
Max. Height  20 ft.  Max. Diameter  3″
bamboo_vitattaBambusa vulgaris, Vittata, ” Painted Bamboo”, “Hawaiian Greenstripe”
Native to Hawaii, and other places,this bright golden and green vertical striped bamboo is known to be an open clump, meaning the new shoots emerge spaced apart by 1-2 ft. rather than a tight clump. This bamboo grows to be a large ornamental favorite. Also choosen as a bamboo to develop protection from landslides and erosion on steep enbankments. Often seen around the Big Island along beautiful roadside stretches. Higher starch content in culms grows a softer wood, not typically used for construction. Treasured in Southern China where it is also known as ‘jade-striped golden bamboo’. Makes beautiful vases.
Max. Height  50 ft.  Max. Diameter  4″
Big_Island_Bamboo_007Gigantocholoa Atter, “Atter”        sweet edible shoots
Strong, straight, dark green culms, used in furniture making, and construction.
A superior hardwood.  A beautiful dark green bamboo. It is originally from Java, and has sweet edible shoots.
Max. Height  70 ft.  Max. Diameter  6″
bamboo_indo_asper_2Dendrocalamus asper, Indonesian, ” Indo Asper”        edible sweet shoots of the highest quality
An impressive, top quality hardwood bamboo. The rapidly growing culms are straight, erect, tall, and relatively thin-walled, up to 3/4′ thick. Perfect for construction, furniture making, basketry, and more. The finished poles are a gorgeous, smooth, soft tan color. Indo asper has edible sweet shoots of the highest quality. New shoots have beautiful brown velvety hairs. Also grows large leaves. This bamboo offers both beauty and function. Also can grow well at higher elevations.
Max. Height 100 ft.  Max. Diameter  8″
Big_Island_Bamboo_079Dendrocalamus brandesii, “Brandesii”     high quality shoots for eating raw
A very large hardwood timber. Brandesii has a white, silverish fur on the culms, giving it a soft, aged look.  The new shoots have beautiful purple color, and are known to be high quality for eating raw. Grows to be one of the tallest bamboos.
Max. Height  105 ft.  Max. Diameter  8″
Big_Island_Bamboo_061Dendrocalamus latiflorus, “Latiflorus”    edible raw shoots
Beautiful lime green color on culms. Latiflorus has edible raw shoots, and long, wide green leaves. Originally from Southern China, this is a very clean, attractive hardwood timber. Also, latiflorus is known to be
bug resistant.
Max. Height  70 ft.  Max. Diameter  8″
bamboo_hirosi_2Bambusa Hirosi, “Hirosi”
Clean, uniform dark green culms, in a tight clump. This high quality hardwood grows pencil straight, and it is very easy to harvest. The nodes are quite slim. Also known to be bug resistant and a great windbreak.
Max. Height  70 ft.  Max. Diameter  5″
Bamboo~~element476Guadua Angustifolia Green, “Guadua”
The superior timber bamboo for construction, and furniture making. (Approved for building to code.) Originally from Colombia. It is a thorny open clump, and the largest of American Bamboos.
Max. Height  100 ft.  Max. Diameter  9″
Big_Island_Bamboo_040Guadua Angustifolia ‘Bicolor’, “Guadua golden variegated”
Ornate golden and green striped culms. A superior timber bamboo for construction. (Approved for building to code.) Also used in furniture making. Grows slightly smaller than green Guadua Angustifolia. Originally from South America. It is a thorny open clump, and the largest of American Bamboos.
Max. Height  100 ft.  Max. Diameter  8″
bamboo_guadua_amplexifoliaGuadua Amplexifolia, “Less Thorny”
A guadua bamboo shorter, and less thorny than the guadua angustifolia. It has an attractive  1″ white band around the node, and compact internodes, or space between the nodes. A sturdy, straight wood, thick walled, and very useful, though not as strong as the guadua angustifolia. Rich dark green color on the arching culms. Semi-solid in the lower culm.
Max. Height  60 ft.  Max. Diameter  4″
Bambusa bluemeana, “Philippine Thorny”    Great edible shoots
A thorny bamboo, the perfect choice to make an living, impenetrable barrier. Provides great foliage for livestock. Culms grow hard, and are used in construction, scaffolding, shingles, and more. Great edible shoots, and popular in the Philippines for furniture making.
Max. Height  60 ft.  Max. Diameter  4″
bamboo_oldhamiiBambusa Oldhamii, “Oldhamii”          Good edible shoots
The most common green bamboo grown in the US. It is classic looking, and makes a great privacy hedge, and windbreak. Grows to be very straight, erect clumps. The culms have an  aged look, with some faint white fur on green culms. The culms are rather thick-walled, but soft wood, best used in paper pulp production, or light construction. Good edible shoots, and large, wide leaves.
Max. Height  60 ft.  Max. Diameter  4″
Big_Island_Bamboo_048Gigantocholoa apus, “Bambu Tali”
Popularly used for roof rafters and other types of construction, where a strong bamboo is needed. Very durable, it is valued for making cordage, rope, etc…when split. Culm sheaths are covered in chocolate brown hairs. Common in Java. Large, long leaves.
Max. Height  60 ft.  Max. Diameter  4″
bambo_tiger_maculata_5Bambusa maculata, “Tiger Bamboo”, “Pring tutul”
This bamboo has unique mottling of colors, which results in a splotchy cane, reminiscent of tiger skin. On green bamboo, the mottling is purple.  When dried, the mottling is dark brown on light brown. Popularly used for furniture making. Orginally from Bali. Maculata is vigorous, and fast growing. 
Max. Height  60 ft.  Max. Diameter  4″

bamboo_membranaceus_3Dendrocalamus membranaceus, “Membranaceus”
A superior timber bamboo. Membranaceus grows extremely strong wood, and it is known to be bug resistant, and rot resistant. Older culms grow solid inside, making a great bamboo for construction using screws.
A dense clump with lots of side branches, which offers privacy.  Internodes up to 15″ long.
Max. Height  70 ft.  Max. Diameter  4″
bamboo_bali_white_stripe_looking_upGigantocholoa Bali White Stripe, “Bali White Stripe”
This bamboo is quite attractive with bright purple hair accents on new shoots and gorgeous cream colored stripes on green culms. An ornamental garden bamboo, and a usable, sturdy timber as well. Older culms are faded green, with occasional striping, and are very clean, branchless down low. The clump is fairly open and spacious, and a fast grower.
Max. Height 40 ft.  Max. Diameter  3″
bamboo_unidentified_hardwoodUnidentified Hardwood, (drought tolerant, fast grower)
A beautiful and stong medium timber bamboo of high quality. It has large, long leaves that are incredibly soft and fuzzy. It has a thick-walled culm, and a compact clump. A classic looking, neat, and user-friendly, green bamboo. Grows well in rocky, drought-tolerant conditions.
Max. Height  30 ft.  Max. Diameter 4″
bamboo_long_internode_culmsUnidentified Hardwood Bamboo, “Long Internode”
This bamboo has not yet been indentified. It has many desirable characteristics, including hardwood, open clump – (meaning culms are spaced apart up to 1-2ft.) easy for harvesting. The bamboo has extra long internodes, and may be well-suited for flute making. The new culms have occasional cream colored striping on green, which matures to darker green. Very little side branching down low.
Max. Height  40 ft.  Max. Diameter  3″

Big_Island_Bamboo_074Bambusa textilis, “Weaver’s Bamboo”
Textilis is a beautiful, and graceful bamboo. The culms are thin-walled, uniform, clean, and straight hard wood. The culms are convienently branchless three quarters of the length of the culm. They are widely used in construction, such as flooring, rafters, etc… and also are the best known material for splitting and weaving, cordage and rope.  Known to be less susceptible to powder post beetle, with proper curing. Grows in a tight clump. Makes a very attractive hedge, with tones of blue color.
Max. Height  40 ft.  Max. Diameter  2″
bamboo_slender_textilisBambusa textilis, var. Gracilis, “Graceful Bamboo”, “Slender Weaver’s Bamboo”
This bamboo is very similar to Textilis, although this variation is more slender in width, and slightly shorter in height. It has a very graceful appearance, and the tops of the foliage slightly arch to the sides. It is a very neat, compact, attractive clump, perfect for a shorter hedge near a home or garden. The culms are very uniform, durable, and have many uses from construction to weaving.
Max. Height  30 ft.  Max. Diameter  1.5″

bamboo_prevariabilisBambusa prevariabilis, “Prevariabilis”
A very useful, strong, thick-walled bamboo of small diameter.  Also known as punting pole bamboo, it was popularly used for farm tools and small diameter construction. It is closely related to B. tuldoides, with more erect culms, and thicker, more durable wood. The clump grows tight, and dense with nearly solid bamboo. Lower internodes have white stripes on the culms.
Max. Height  50 ft.   Max. Diameter  2.5″
bamboo_buddha_bellyBambusa tuldoides, ‘Ventricosa‘, “Buddha Belly”        recommended fodder for cattle
Offers one of the best privacy hedges of all. This bamboo grows branches from low to top, and has dense little foliage. Planted in a line, it will make an impenetrable wall. It is known to filter out noises, and is a sound barrier. Perfect for highway boundries, to keep out the sound of traffic and provide security, and for pasture boundries, as foliage is recommended fodder for cattle, and  if given time to establish, will provide a secure boundry for livestock. Buddha Belly also grows a great potted ornamental plant, and a great walking cane.  Stressing the plant brings out more pronounced characteristics, so a dry spell, or container will add to its unique look. The clumps are draught resistant.
Max. Height 55 ft.   Max. Diameter  4″
bamboo_golden_buddha_bellyBambusa tuldoides ‘Ventricosa Kimmei’, “Golden Buddha Belly”        great livestock forage
Very similar in growth to the green buddha belly bamboo, though this one features golden green canes with dark green stripes. A beautiful ornamental bamboo which offers privacy, and when established great livestock forage. Makes a great potted plant when young. When the plant is stressed, it brings out more pronounced characteristics, so dry conditions, or a container will add to its unique look. The clumps are draught resistant.
Max. Height 55 ft.  Max. Diameter  4″

bamboo_malingensisBambusa malingensis, “Sea  Breeze Bamboo”
Known to grow well in drought-tolerant conditions, and it can tolerate salty sea breezes. This bamboo offers a great privacy screen, with lots of foliage and a tight clump. It grows a good usuable wood, produces many culms each year, and grows taller under trees.
Max. Height  35 ft.  Max. Diameter  2.5″
bamboo_fernleaf_multiplexBambusa multiplex, “Fernleaf”
Dense with little leaf foliage, closely spaced, two-ranked leaves. The foliage resembles the look of a fern. The clump is tight, and bushy. There are mutliple whispy branches coming out from each node, one usually longer than the others. Often culms come up that have reverted to the larger leaves. Makes a great trimmable hedge.
Max. Height  20 ft.  Max. Diameter  .5″
bamboo_silverstripeBambusa multiplex, “Silverstripe”
A beautiful ornamental privacy hedge, with variegated white and green foliage on many little leaves. The culms are a faded green with occasional silver stripes on them, and they arch to the sides at the top of the clump.
Max. Height  25 ft.  Max. Diameter  1.5″
bamboo_alphonse_karrBambusa multiplex, “Alphonse Karr”
A colorful hedge bamboo of shorter height, with bright golden culms, striped in dark green. It grows in a tight clump, and is a great choice for a privacy wall, when planted in a line. The new shoots have stunning colors of sunrise, from reddish pink to orange to golden.
Max. Height  25 ft.  Max. Diameter  1.5″

bamboo_malay_dwarfBambusa glaucophylla, “Malay dwarf”, “Taiwan variegated”
Also indentified as: “Bambusa heterostachya, variegated. This bamboo has beautiful silver/cream colored variegations on the leaves, and on the culms. It is a relatively short, erect, and neat, ornamental clumping bamboo.  Makes a great container plant, single bush, or compact hedge. Easy to prune to a desired shape.
Max. Height  12-15 ft.  Max. Diameter  .75″
Thai Asper   (sorry no pic)
These bamboos have lots of beautiful, medium-sized foliage, and many tightly packed small shoots of bamboo. Makes a great container plant, or a hedge. These are bamboo seedlings, originally from Thailand.
Max. Height  30-55 ft.  Max. Diameter  3″
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The Big Island Bamboo & Tropical Plant Company grows Tropical Clumping Bamboos, which do not include any invasive or runner species. We offer a variety of small, medium, and large timber bamboos for constuction and many other practical applications. We offer rare & ornamental varieties, privacy hedges, windbreaks, & choice edibles. There are many considerations in choosing the right bamboo for your needs. We will be happy to consult
and offer suggestions.

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